BaseSpace Email FAQ

Alex Aminoff


How do I read my email on the server

You establish an internet connection through your regular ISP, then use an email client, such as Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook, or Eudora, over that link to reach the mail server. However, we do require that you use a secure (SSL-encrypted) connection.

You can also use our web email client, at

What is SSL encryption? Why is it required for a connection to the mail server?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, is a method for encrypting that communication so that bad people cannot eavesdrop and read your mail or find out your password.

How do I configure my email client to connect to the mail server?

These instructions presume that you are resonably familiar with your email client software.

When you first go to get your mail, you will be prompted to accept an SSL certificate. (Our SSL certificate is self-signed.) Clicking through these prompts should be self-explanatory. You will then be prompted for your password. Enter your password. (See below for information on obtaining and changing your password.)

Note that one of the features of IMAP is that you can configure more than one IMAP server at a time. For example, you could have your email from your ISP and your email on different servers, yet simultaneously be connected to both.

Can I send outgoing mail through the outgoing mail server when Iím connected from outside?

We do support authenticated SMTP (SMTP AUTH). Try setting your outgoing mail server to, port 465, normal password, and SSL/TLS enabled.

I'm on the road or at work, and I want to read my email, but I don't want to configure an email client. Is there a web interface to email?

Yes. You can get to it at


Under the web email client, how do I set the From field of outgoing email to be my preferred email address?

When you go to send email from the web interface, you will notice that the From field is an editable text field. If you change it, SqWebMail will remember what you changed it to and always use that as the default in the future.

I already have an email provider that I like. Can I have my email forwarded to that account?

Yes. You can either have your account forward to that account, or you could use the virtual aliases file for your domain to forward arbitrary email addresses at your domain to whoever you like.

How do I change where my email gets forwarded to?

Forwarding management is available on the secure web site:

How do I use the virtual aliases file?

This is described in detail in HOWTO.manage.your.mail


How do I know what my password is?

Talk to Alex either in person or on the phone at 978-927-1969. Note that sending passwords unencrypted through email is frowned upon, as they can be intercepted and read in the clear. You should then change your password to one that only you know. This can be done via the password changing function available on our internal website:


Why can't I use FTP to upload files to the web site from outside

This is a security restriction. Unfortunately, the File Transfer Protocol sends passwords unencrypted over the net. By policy we do not allow any such protocol to go outside our own trusted network. Instead, you need to use SCP.

What is SCP? Where can I get it?

SCP stands for Secure CoPy. It works very much like FTP except that it encrypts all the data that flows over the network, so you can use it from anywhere. Here are some SCP clients: